Julia Bogen - The Word Person

Rates and Turnaround

The cost of translating, editing, or localizing a text is usually calculated according to the number of words (or characters, in the case of Japanese) in the original. I determine the per-word cost based on the type of work, the subject area, complexity of the text, how soon the work must be completed, and other considerations (if the text needs additional formatting, you want my work to be sent to another editor, etc.)

On average, I can translate 2,500 words of Spanish per day and 3,000 characters of Japanese. This speed allows me the time I need to research the topic and its associated terminology, write an accurate text in U.S. English, and proofread it carefully before sending you the final product.

I am happy to accept payment via a bank transfer, Paypal, or Payoneer. I work with my clients to make sure that, if the project is large or the timeline is particularly long, we find a payment schedule which works for us both.

Email me about your project, and I will be happy to provide a custom quote!