Julia Bogen - The Word Person


I have been translating as a freelance professional since 2014, with a break of 2 years from 2016 to 2018 to study for my M.A. in Translation Theory and Practice at University College London.

Since I translate from two different languages into English, my M.A. dissertation focused on how to most efficiently use translation technology features to speed up and optimize freelance translation work. My keen interest in translation technology has carried over into how I manage my professional and personal projects. I use every tool at my disposal to make translation and editing quick, consistent, and efficient.

Some of the topics I specialize in are connected to my personal passions: I enjoy cooking and gardening, hiking and camping, knitting, and reading fantasy, sci-fi, and history books. I have translated some knitting patterns and literature/poetry as personal projects, and I have previously volunteered with an organization in Ecuador to translate texts related to cooking, food production, and travel.